Prohibit residents of mainland China and areas that prohibit cryptocurrency trading from participating in the MOLE project

MOLE will contribute DOT and KSM for the crowdloan of Polkadot and get rewards. The rewards will buy and burn MOLE from the market. The total amount of MOLE is 100 million; 79 million will be burnt; Finally, 21 million MOLE will be remained.

MoleSwap is on line, you can get MOLE here.

  • Our Benefit

  • Coin burn

  • NFT market

  • parachain

Our Story

Get to know Us

The founder Eric is a senior blockchain expert and Youtuber. He joined a decentralized exchange in Japan in 2016 and is one of the co-founders. In 2017, he became the CTO of a decentralized sharing economy platform and researched smart contracts;

After leaving these two platforms, he deeply felt the insufficiency of blockchain technology, so he joined a blockchain research institution in Japan, engaged in the research of blockchain and encryption technology. He made rapid progress in the past few years, shared his views on youtube, and created the MOLE project.

Economic model

The initial allocation is as follows:

1)40% provide liquidity

2)45% for staking of KSM, DOT, CAKE etc.

3)10% to team members, project promotion

4)5% to investors

XXX (like mACA) crowd loan reward distribution plan:

1) 90% buy back MOLE, 10% provide MOLE-BUSD liquidity

2) 90% airdrop to mXXX (like mACA) holders;

3) 10% airdrop to MDOT holders;

90% of MDOT will be airdropped to MOLE holders and 10% will provide liquidity

Funds address and transaction


Staking funds address

DOT stash1: 14mvjtxYNJB3B4XZf9y6mqydmXJ4LR5iBgBLkpDz9FtXJxp4

DOT control1: 14gaxLDeMWoKfiZkDuXbgW67x2vzHJWsKLvtCTBDWDgtAfr3

KSM stash1: GMFFt3M8svVVBLVUDj9XeWV4VaeSnLkZZHbzBWb4y5VsXE6

KSM control1: GFuUKJT86YmyqNg2yHeSJcyF1DaPfmuhE39RpTpRvsrjWUP

Purchase transaction:

DOT transaction:here

KSM transaction:here

insight finance url: